Thursday, October 29, 2009


If I wasn't so exhausted I would find the music that plays on The Price Is Right when someone loses their game. That would suffice in letting you know I didn't get my creative project completed. Yes, I still have 90 minutes left, but this girl is DONE! In my defense I have spent the entire day working on a Sith Lord robe so Eli can be Darth Maul for Halloween. I'd enter the robe, but I bought everything for it Saturday-so I can't really count it as supplies sitting around my house. :( I will still be posting pictures however of my little ghouls costumes this year! The whole fam is dressing up so stay tuned for pics.

Courtney, thank you for the motivation and inspiration to create. Even though I didn't complete the project I have it all ready, and look forward to completing it. Moving those stagnant creative juices around in my brain has done wonders for my state of mind! I look forward to future challenges you will post and accomplishing a goal I've been working on for myself.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Check this out!

I'm taking a part in a challenge posted by my cousin, Courtney Price. Check it out!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Our little wrestler!

This is Eli's second year wrestling. He loves it! He is a great wrestler, of course I'm prejudice!! So far this year his record is 7-1. He has one last tournament this Saturday, they wrestle four matches per tournament.

He was SO close to pinning his opponent in this match!

Poor kid looks exhausted. He was, he worked his opponent over really good. We had lots of family at this one, so he was excited to win all four of his matches and get a medal.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fun and competition while cleaning - a PERFECT combo! Part 1

Saturday morning I let the kids play video games and watch cartoons until about 1 or so (if you do the math based on the time they got up, they got a good 5 1/2 hours in). Yes, I know I'm a terrible mother who is polluting my children's minds. I don't buy it, even though Jake and I tell them their brains are going to start oozing out of their ears. They look at us like "how could our parents be so dumb to believe that." ANYWAY, I enlisted them in full on slavery, which included mopping the kitchen and entry way. So, they decided to turn it into a game of hockey. I don't think there was a puck involved (but what do I know). All I knew was that when Eli strapped on his football helmet, I ran for my camera.

Kya was working on serious fun here, I need to buy a new lens that captures "action" shots better. She has that cute grin that always spreads on her face when she and Eli are competing and she is giggling the whole way through.

What a cute picture, all I can say is - Hey Mom! Learn how to focus!!!

Yes, this is a staged photo. Kya loves the camera and loves to pose. She's acting shocked at the filth picked up by the rag. The snow is really starting to melt, which means mud and more mud drug into the house. Thank goodness for tile and kids who like to play Hockey-Mop.

One more lovely pose for the camera, she's having loads of fun!

So this picture was a set-up on Eli with the previous picture. He was hiding behind Kya, so I couldn't see him, which also meant he couldn't see me. After taking several shots of Kya posing I motioned for her to move over so I could catch Eli. We got him, and that is the little competition he and I have going.

Fun and competition while cleaning - a PERFECT combo! Part 2

Eli took the hockey-competitive-fun approach more so than his sister. He put on some serious moves here, mostly trying to avoid any decent pictures of him.

He kept on mopping though - way to go son, way to go!

I know this was a race of some sort, but I can't tell you the rules or who won.

Here you can see Kya's dedication to cleaning, she kept telling me "Mom, we're gonna make this floor shine!" Gotta love her, she takes the responsibility of helping Mom very seriously, which I love because she helps me so much. It is also is a bit heartbreaking, because she does it out of concern for my health issues.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kya's Basketball Games

Yes, even out in the boondocks we manage to have a few sports leagues, and Kya thought she try out basketball this year. She has had a blast with her friends, made new ones (how is that possible in such a small town?) We (Jake, Eli and I) have enjoyed watching her games. Eli is of course the first to inform her whether they won or not. Sometimes I think I taught my children a little to much honesty . . .
Here are a few fun pictures of Kya in "action"!!

These next ones I took in order. Can you see how big and tall these 3 girls are? They are 5th graders playing against 3rd and 4th graders. I guess this particular town/school doesn't allow 3rd and 4th graders to play. HUH?! For just a moment Kya had a open shot, but once those big girls caught up she couldn't even see the basket. They are HUGE! Then you see them completely engulf her and next thing you know there is a 10 girl mosh pit going for the ball.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Just a tad slow starting my new year

Well, all the excitement, fun and festivities of the holidays put me fully out of commission until this week. So, I'll start with a few Christmas pictures. We had a wonderful Christmas with my family: my Mom, Bryson, and Kirk and Kaija were able to arrive prior to our major snowstorm, thank goodness. Sadly, Dusty, Rachel and our gorgeous new niece Ellie didn't make it because of the snowstorm.

Bryson and Eli chillin in the recliner.

Kya convinced Grandma that she needed to have her hair done. Poor Grandma fell asleep, and when she woke up - wala! a new do!!

Uncle Kirk performing the ritualistic tickle torture on Eli. Eli loves to scream "no" "stop" while being tortured and then when he is set free, jumps right back in for more.

Eli was actually trying to hide from the camera on this one, but I got him! Ha, ha

Aunt Kaija was also a willing participant in having her hair done up by Kya.