Thursday, October 29, 2009


If I wasn't so exhausted I would find the music that plays on The Price Is Right when someone loses their game. That would suffice in letting you know I didn't get my creative project completed. Yes, I still have 90 minutes left, but this girl is DONE! In my defense I have spent the entire day working on a Sith Lord robe so Eli can be Darth Maul for Halloween. I'd enter the robe, but I bought everything for it Saturday-so I can't really count it as supplies sitting around my house. :( I will still be posting pictures however of my little ghouls costumes this year! The whole fam is dressing up so stay tuned for pics.

Courtney, thank you for the motivation and inspiration to create. Even though I didn't complete the project I have it all ready, and look forward to completing it. Moving those stagnant creative juices around in my brain has done wonders for my state of mind! I look forward to future challenges you will post and accomplishing a goal I've been working on for myself.


  1. The point is just to get going... you did it! Maybe next time you'll get done :)

  2. I can't wait to see photos of the kids new rooms!