Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fun and competition while cleaning - a PERFECT combo! Part 1

Saturday morning I let the kids play video games and watch cartoons until about 1 or so (if you do the math based on the time they got up, they got a good 5 1/2 hours in). Yes, I know I'm a terrible mother who is polluting my children's minds. I don't buy it, even though Jake and I tell them their brains are going to start oozing out of their ears. They look at us like "how could our parents be so dumb to believe that." ANYWAY, I enlisted them in full on slavery, which included mopping the kitchen and entry way. So, they decided to turn it into a game of hockey. I don't think there was a puck involved (but what do I know). All I knew was that when Eli strapped on his football helmet, I ran for my camera.

Kya was working on serious fun here, I need to buy a new lens that captures "action" shots better. She has that cute grin that always spreads on her face when she and Eli are competing and she is giggling the whole way through.

What a cute picture, all I can say is - Hey Mom! Learn how to focus!!!

Yes, this is a staged photo. Kya loves the camera and loves to pose. She's acting shocked at the filth picked up by the rag. The snow is really starting to melt, which means mud and more mud drug into the house. Thank goodness for tile and kids who like to play Hockey-Mop.

One more lovely pose for the camera, she's having loads of fun!

So this picture was a set-up on Eli with the previous picture. He was hiding behind Kya, so I couldn't see him, which also meant he couldn't see me. After taking several shots of Kya posing I motioned for her to move over so I could catch Eli. We got him, and that is the little competition he and I have going.


  1. Kirstin! I love this post and the crazy moppers :) Thanks for sharing. They are such great kids! I love that giggle smile of Kya's, too. And your header snowscape photos is MAGNIFICENT! You are an artist with landscape photos! Love to you.

  2. THANKS Kaija! I'm so glad you liked all the photos :)